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Goodyer Solar uses only the best microinverter available


The Enphase Microinverter

What's underneath the panels makes all the difference. This microinverter has no fans, no moving parts and no high-voltage DC which makes it the safest system on the market. The defect rate is just 0.05%, meaning only one microinverter will need to be replaced out of a batch of 2,000. IP67 certified, microinverters can endure just about anything Mother Nature sends their way!

Fewer Components

75% less componenets tan strings and optimisers. ZERO moving parts. 


Most rigorous certification & testing

Collectively, products undergo more than one million hours of testing.


Highest quality

Rugged Encloser for protection: IP67 rating. Class II double insulation.


Own a system you can count on 


System Monitoring:
Maximise your energy bill savings

Get a real-time, panel-level view of your system on your phone.

Unlike standard solar systems, Enphase microinverter technology places an inverter under every solar panel. Panel-level independence eliminates the performance limitations that come with single-inverter systems, it enables you to see how each individual panel on your roof is performing. If a microinverter or system goes offline for any reason, no stress, the Goodyer Solar team will be alerted straight away.


Optimise your usage and avoid bill shock.

Energy usage skyrockets when it warms up and the air conditioner gets turned on, or when you need to escape the winter chill. By getting into the habit of tracking and optimising your energy usage, you can avoid that pesky spike in energy bills. 


 The Enphase Microinvertersystem is the most easily adaptable system! You can addon additional solar panels after your initial installation at no hassle or fuss. You can't so easily build onto your system if you choose to opt for a string inverter option.


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