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Enphase IQ Battery 5

The Enphase IQ Battery 5™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system is reliable, smart, simple, and safe.

It has a total usable energy capacity of 4.96 kWh and includes six embedded grid-forming microinverters with 3.98kVA power rating. It provides backup capability and installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new and retrofit solar customers.

The Enphase Battery uses a distributed architecture to provide maximum reliability. Each battery includes multiple bi-directional IQ™ 8 microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, the battery will continue to operate and keep the lights on.



  • Proven high reliability IQ Series Microinverters
  • Ten-year limited warranty
  • Six embedded IQ 8X-BAT Microinverters
  • Passive cooling (no moving parts/fans)


  • Grid-forming capability for backup operation
  • Remote software and firmware upgrade
  • Mobile app-based monitoring and control
  • Support for self consumptionUtility time of use (TOU) optimization

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  • Fully integrated AC battery system
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
  • Interconnects with standard household AC wiring

Battery safety tested


Use the Green Catch Solar Diverter from Catch Power to heat your hot water from your excess solar energy. The perfect add on to any solar system with electric hot water. 

Increase the ROI of your solar power system by installing a Green Catch solar diverter.

This unit works individually of solar power system and diverts excess energy to your hot water cylinder before it exports to the grid. This will save you hundreds of dollars per year and help you get the most out of your solar investment.

5 year extended warranty 

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 CATCH Solar Relay is a multi function timer designed for the Solar Industry.

If you have electrical loads that need to be controlled based on time, or based on how much energy your solar system is producing, or a combination of both, then CATCH Solar Relay is the device to do it. CATCH Solar relay is able to power ANY electrical load. Single or 3 phase, big or small, resistive or inductive.

  • Heat pump hot water
  • Electric hot water
  • Air Conditioners
  • Pool Pumps
  • Irrigation and Stock Watering pumps
  • Underfloor heating
  • Lighting circuits
  • Fans
  • Garden water pump
  • 5 year extended warranty

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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Evnex E2
intelligently delivers a cleaner and faster charge.

Evnex is a leading New Zealand manufacturer and installer of smart electric vehicle chargers. They ensure your EV is charged fast, safely, and with the lowest carbon emissions.

By keeping you accurately informed of your carbon impact,
charging costs, and live electricity mix, the E2 makes it easy to
reduce your environmental impact while delivering a hassle free
charging experience.

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