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At Goodyer Solar, when you walk through the front door or give the team a call; you’re dealing with Marlborough locals from start to finish.

We value customer satisfaction and safety above all else, and for us, the job doesn’t end when the last panel is installed. We pride ourselves on offering ongoing care, maintenance and cleaning to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. 


Harnessing the sun’s energy 
is more than just a job for the team at Goodyer Solar 
it’s a passion.


In-House Installation Team

From your initial consultation to the commissioning of your system you are dealing with a dedicated Goodyer Solar team member. This eliminates any return to site issued that can be struck with the use of subcontractors. 


Educating you for a brighter future

With our industry leading technology it’s important when you make your decision to move to solar energy that you understand exactly what your system can do for you. Our Enphase Enlighten monitoring system ensures you understand your energy consumption and production monitoring to utilise your home-grown energy.



Our team of technicians, electricians and administration team are all dedicated to ensure you have an investment you can trust and are proud of. A panel stops producing, no problem we’ll also be alerted at the same time as you! 

Goodyer Solar monitoring

After Care

Because we’ve eliminated the use of subcontractors and we have panel level production monitoring of your solar energy system we reduce the downtime in the event of a fault with no single point of failure.

ABOUT the team

Beginning as contract installers  in 2019, with experience across both traditional string inverter systems and Enphase Energy, owner operators, Chris and Simone realised there was a huge gap in New Zealand’s sunshine capital for a solar energy provider that not only installed solar panel systems, but which provided quality aftercare and education following installation.

Using the latest Enphase Energy solution technology, Goodyer Solar systems are efficient and will stand the test of time increasing your overall return on investment. 

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    As an accredited SEANZ member, our business process and practices are actioned with integrity to protect our industry.