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Enphase Transferability:
This warranty is transferable by the original purchaser of the solar system to any subsequent purchaser of the premises at which he solar system is installed. However, When a home with an Enphase solar system changes hands, due to sale or any other legal reason, the solar system is not transferred to the new owner unless the change is made in the Enphase systems within 30 days of completing the change of ownership.

If the system warranty is not transferred to the new owner, the new owner will not be able to claim any warranty benefits. The new owner will also not have access to Enlighten, the software that monitors and tracks the production and health of the system.

Transferring the warranty is easy and hassle-free. A new owner simply requests a warranty transfer request for a change in ownership of the Enphase solar system.
This warranty only comes into effect once we have received all amounts owing from you in relation to the solar system and title to the solar system passed to you. 

 This warranty will no longer be valid if:
- You as the customer fail to follow any instructions or guidelines provided by Goodyer Solar.
- The warranty shall cease and Goodyer Solar shall thereafter in no circumstances be liable under the terms of the warranty if the workmanship is repaired, altered or overhauled without Goodyer Solars' consent. 

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