Why choose Goodyer Solar?

A full Service Offering

With a team of licensed electricians and all the required install qualifications, we provide industry-leading service and advice every step of the way.

Cost Savings

On average solar panels can save you up to 70% per year on your current power bill*.
Investing in solar can also increase the value of your home, often resulting in a return on investment of up to 20%.

*depending on your current energy consumption and provider,

Smart Home Future

Like you, we love tech that makes life easier! That's why we supply a range of smart-tech add-ons designed to help you harness the power and convenience of solar energy.

A Cleaner Planet

By going solar, you're reducing your carbon footprint and creating an energy-efficient home that uses pure and clean energy.


    As an accredited SEANZ member, our business process and practices are actioned with integrity to protect our industry.