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At Goodyer Solar, we use the latest enphase products and technology for a safer, smarter, productive and reliable solar system. 


Our full service approach and our experience as licenced electricians allows us to provide industry leading service and advice at every step of your solar journey, saving you time and money.


You can experience up to a 30% loss in efficiency by having dirty panels. Our team offer hassle-free cleaning services to ensure your system is running at full efficiency and saving you money.


Choose a system you can count on

Goodyer Solar uses the latest in Enphase miroinverter technology, which compared to traditional string systems is a much safer, productive, and reliable system.

Enphase Gold Installer

With a team of licensed electricians, all the required install qualifications and relevant accreditations, we provide industry-leading service and advice every step of the way. 

"The Goodyer team Installed the system efficiently...they showed us how to use the app to see our savings which is great and easy to use. They worked out what was best for our budget and made the most of it. We would recommend them!


Why choose Goodyer Solar?

A full Service Offering

With a team of licensed electricians and all the required install qualifications, we provide industry-leading service and advice every step of the way.

Cost Savings

On average solar panels can save you up to 70% per year on your current power bill*.
Investing in solar can also increase the value of your home, often resulting in a return on investment of up to 20%.

*depending on your current energy consumption and provider,

Smart Home Future

Like you, we love tech that makes life easier! That's why we supply a range of smart-tech add-ons designed to help you harness the power and convenience of solar energy.

A Cleaner Planet

By going solar, you're reducing your carbon footprint and creating an energy-efficient home that uses pure and clean energy.


Goodyer Solar is a Marlborough District Council Solar Service Provider. Which means there is funding options available! Conditions Apply. Ask us for more info.

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    As an accredited SEANZ member, our business process and practices are actioned with integrity to protect our industry.